Alert Types
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Vigilance Software Alerts

Vigilance Software works as a platform which can automate policies and procedures which involve any combination of notification and integrations. Our server is capable of handling alerts ranging from sending E-mails and SMS messages to locking down facilities and playing audio alerts over facility radios and Giant voice installations. Vigilance employs a unique level of integration leveraging existing building systems to formulate a total emergency response platform.

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Core Alerts

The foundation of Vigilance Software, as any Emergency Notification System (ENS), is the ability to send mass notifications using a core system of alerts, which include, desktop, email and SMS. At its most basic use, the Vigilance system is designed to immediately notify predefined lists of individuals when a group alert is activated. Since core alerts are event specific, they provide individuals with information pertaining directly to the alert. Vigilance strives to create robust solutions that are flexible and reliable in the event of a crisis, which is why we have removed many of the pain-points that commonly decrease the effectiveness of other emergency notification systems when administering core alerts. (read more)

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Communications Alerts

Vigilance Software gives clients the ability to easily distribute audio messages to a variety of communication devices. Systems can be configured with prerecorded messages that are specific to each alert type, or using a text-to-speech application. When text to speech is enabled, all of the details pertaining to the event can be transmitted as part of an audio message. Vigilance is Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) compliant, allowing integration with both new and existing communications infrastructure, such as, existing phones, overhead paging systems, giant voice systems, and radios, with the addition of a radio gateway.

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Physical Security

A significant shortcoming of most threat alert software packages that are currently on the market is that they are designed as communication-only programs, typically limited to email and text messaging. Vigilance Software was created not only with more advanced communication features, but also to easily integrate with complex proprietary physical security platforms. This enables clients to send critical information and control existing security measures simultaneously within a single program. Our software is frequently integrated with clients’ existing access control and intrusion systems. This integration allows bidirectional commands to be sent between systems so that programmed notification and counter procedures can be automatically implemented.