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  • 19 Sep

    The Vigilance Advantage - Top 5

    The Vigilance Advantage         School is back in session, and like most educational facilities you are probably settling back in to some sort of “normalcy”. While we all hope for a safe and uneventful school year, it is inevitable that you will face several... (Read Blog)
  • 31 Jul

    Vigilance Cloud Services

    Vigilance Software is pleased to announce that we have taken our notification platform to the cloud. Customers may now obtain our software through a hosted subscription, or by purchasing the software for use on their own server. Our hosted servi... (Read Blog)
  • 15 Mar

    Emergency Preparedness Consulting

            Is your organization prepared for a workplace violence incident?  While everyone hopes that no life-threatening incident will occur in their office, we must all have procedures that everyone in the work... (Read Blog)
  • 2 Feb

    Understanding Various Notification Solutions

    Premise System: Early attempts of Mass Notification Systems were comprised of physical buttons installed under desks, or fixed to a wall.  When pressed, audible and visual devices were triggered in strategic areas of a facility to notify personnel.  If the build... (Read Blog)
  • 17 Oct

    Affordable Emergency Notification

    Last month we explained the differences between various Notification Systems, and shared definitions of commonly used industry terms. What you may, or may not have concluded from that article, is that you already own the majority of the infrastru... (Read Blog)
  • 26 Sep

    What you need to know about ENS and MNS Offerings...

    Is your organization reviewing Emergency Notification Solutions?   Before you start exploring options, you should have a basic understanding of the various types of products and services that exist. The following is a brief history of th... (Read Blog)
  • 16 Sep

    School Emergency Preparedness

    Execute your Emergency Procedures at the CLICK, or PRESS of a button. Keeping School Safe: Summer is quickly winding down and students are back in the classroom, making school security our top priority. ... (Read Blog)
  • 23 Aug

    Greenlight Maine selects Vigilance Software as Semifinalist

    Vigilance Software advances to the Semifinals! I am excited to share that Vigilance Software has advanced to the semifinals of Greenlight Maine’s entrepreneurial pitch contest, and will be movin... (Read Blog)
  • 26 Jul

    Active Shooter Preparedness

    Is Your Facility Prepared for the Next Emergency? Vigilance Software is an emergency notification system, and integration engine, that can help mitigate loss and effectively notify key personnel during a catastrophic incident. ... (Read Blog)
  • 7 Jul

    What Separates Vigilance Software from other offerings?

    Question "What separates Vigilance Software from other offerings" Answer "We automate your event specific security procedures. Not only does our software send out notifications through various media types, we also leverage and control existing acces... (Read Blog)
  • 30 Jun

    Digital Signage Integration

    Many Schools and Businesses have, or are currently adopting digital signage solutions.  Vigilance Software now offers direct integration to a variety of platforms allowing us to override the display when an alert is triggered. Screens... (Read Blog)
  • 12 May

    Summer Savings Pre-Order Event

    There are only a few short weeks left before schools release for summer break, and every school in the area asks vendors to make much needed repairs, and install some of the latest technology available over the summer months. Here at ... (Read Blog)
  • 28 Mar

    Radio Integration

         Believe it or not, radio is one of the most effective and efficient ways to receive alerts from an emergency notification system.  Now commonly used, Radio over Internet Protocol (RoIP) is... (Read Blog)
  • 16 Mar

    Vigilance Software & Norris Inc Team Up at NNECERAPPA

      Vigilance at NNECERAPPA Over the past two days Vigilance Software and Norris Inc teamed up attending the semiannual NNECERAPPA Conference, hosted at the University of New Hampshire. NNECERAPPA, a mouthful of an acronym, stands for Northern New England Eastern Region of APPA: Leadership in Educ... (Read Blog)
  • 2 Mar

    Join Us - At the 26th ASIS Security Conference

        Please join us at the ASIS 26th New York City Security Conference & Expo   We would like to ensure you are aware of the upcoming 26th ASIS Security Conference and Expo in New York City.  Join more than 2,200 security and law enforcement professionals whom ... (Read Blog)
  • 25 Feb

    Physical Button Integration - Push for Help!

        One of the principal benefits of the Vigilance Software system is that the initiation of a potentially life-saving alert is accessible by the just the click of a button on a user’s computer desktop. During our demonstrations, we are frequently asked how Vigilance can stil... (Read Blog)
  • 19 Feb

    Giant Voice - Can you HEAR us Now?

          Is your facility comprised of many outdoor areas that require a way to warn students, faculty and visitors of potential threats?  The most effective way to do this is to issue a warning tone, followed with a clear, powerful voice message.  Vigilance Software now offe... (Read Blog)
  • 12 Feb

    Free Security Conference - Join Us!

      Please join us at the 10th Security Conference April 22nd, 2016 Foxwoods Resort Casino     Meet the Experts and Learn Industry Achievements Come hear about the latest security technologies for emergency notification, access control and video surveillance from to... (Read Blog)
  • 11 Feb

    Revision 3.0 is Here!!

            We are excited to announce the launch of Vigilance Software Rev 3.0, and are proud to say that our latest upgrade is packed with great new features requested by our growing customer base. Keep reading to find a list of key release features, and a look at our expanded sy... (Read Blog)
  • 5 Feb

    Active Shooter - School Lockdown

      Don't Panic! There's a Button for That... Does your school have a fully developed plan in place in the event of an active shooter? Vigilance Software is an emergency notification system and integration engine that can be used for anything from quickly signaling a Medical Al... (Read Blog)
  • 7 Jan

    Vigilance Adds CAP Alert Capability

         The key to maximizing the effectiveness of any emergency warning or alert is the message’s ability to be consistently broadcasted across different notification systems, and then rapidly configured to many applications. Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) is a transmission format ... (Read Blog)
  • 23 Dec

    Vigilance Software Deploys Campus Giant Voice Package

    ​Vigilance Software was recently tasked to integrate our software with a giant voice solution to be deployed in a campus wide outdoor setting.  The most effective way for warning the public is to issue a tone and follow it with clear, intelligible voice alerts.  Our design team selected Whelen's W... (Read Blog)
  • 18 Dec

    Vigilance Software 3.0 Release

    ​We are pleased to announce that Vigilance Emergency Notification Software version 3.0 will be made available on January 16th, 2016.  This is the most exciting release to date, including many of the features our growing customer base has requested.  Here are some of the more exciting features that a... (Read Blog)
  • 7 Dec

    Security gets new scrutiny across Maine in wake of attacks

    Vigilance Software is working with several entities in Maine to adapt better security protocols.  "We are not just another Threat Alert Software offering" said Jason Roberts, CEO Vigilance Software "Not only can we send out notifications Direct to Desktop, Email, Text Messaging, Phone... (Read Blog)
  • 24 Nov

    Thank You for Visiting us at ISC East

    We would like to thank everyone that visited our booth at the Javits Center, New York, for ISC East.  With attendance beyond projections, we were extremely busy performing demonstrations, and answering questions about our software.  If for any reason you did not get an opportunity to meet with us an... (Read Blog)
  • 10 Nov

    Vigilance Now Supports SMS alerts through Twilio

    Vigilance has supported sending SMS messages using Email, but now also supports sending SMS messages direct through Twilio.  By using the Twilio API we are able to send SMS messages world wide and are not required to know the carrier of cell numbers to ensure proper delivery.  Vigilance is setup to ... (Read Blog)
  • 15 Oct

    Muster Reporting Coming Soon

    We are excited to share with everyone that the development of Muster Reporting is ahead of schedule and will be released in version 3.  We would like to thank several of our customers for requesting this feature, especially those that shared with us the many applications this would assist them with.... (Read Blog)
  • 9 Oct

    Please Join us at ISC East Booth #244

    We would like to personally invite you to be our guest and see a live demonstration of our latest features.  To recieve your FREE Exhibit Hall Admission Pass, please register on the ISC East website ( prior to October 15th. Show Information: Date : Nov 18 -19  ISC East 2015 (Booth 2... (Read Blog)
  • 30 Sep

    Server Installation Video

    This video covers the installation of the Vigilance server software.  The installation of the software takes less than 5 minutes to be ready for configuration.  We will be releasing a server configuration video shortly to step through the initial configuration on a Vigilance server install. Video​​... (Read Blog)
  • 14 Sep

    New Informational Video

    Check it out here...​... (Read Blog)
  • 4 Sep

    Finally... A Duress System for Bank Tellers and Receptionist

    Most criminals are well aware of the “hidden” panic button that are typically located under the counter, or embedded in the floor to be pressed by foot.  Vigilance ENS Software can be triggered by a Teller or Receptionist with a discreet click of the mouse.  Typically when someone approaches a recep... (Read Blog)
  • 1 Sep

    The Use of Existing Hardwired Duress Buttons

    ​We are often asked if you can use existing hardwired panic and duress buttons on our system.  Vigilance Software utilizes Ethernet Based I/O (input and output) Modules that can be wired to physical buttons.  As an example we have a customer that would like to install two buttons in a gymnasium.  On... (Read Blog)
  • 26 Aug

    Norris Inc - Best Places to Work in Maine

    ​We would like to congratulate Norris Inc for being voted one of the "Best Places to Work in Maine".  Norris Inc was the first dealer brought on by Vigilance Software, and this type of recognition is a perfect example why we made that decision.  Well Done Norris Inc. !!!... (Read Blog)
  • 20 Aug

    Workplace Violence Program required by OSHA

    OSHA reports that "a well written and implemented Workplace Violence Prevention Program, combined with engineering controls, administrative controls and training can reduce the incidence of workplace violence" "Vigilance ENS Software can not only complement your Workplace Violence Pr... (Read Blog)
  • 19 Aug

    S2 Access Control Integration

    ​We are now accepting orders on the software integration with S2 Security Access Control.  This API allows Vigilance Software to control Threat Levels, and System Events without the need for relay based I/O mapping.  S2 is the leader in Next Generation Access Control.  For more information on S2 Sec... (Read Blog)
  • 19 Aug

    Why Choose Vigilance...

    ​We are often being asked "What seperates Vigilance ENS Software from other available solutions?".  Before making a decision on which product is best for your facility, you need to understand that Vigilance has far more to offer than just a means of notifying people of a crisis situation. ... (Read Blog)
  • 10 Aug

    Another Problem Solved Through Vigilance Software

    ​Here is an application that can extend the use of an existing Vigilance Emergency Notification System.  One of our customers is having an issue with teenagers smoking in the student restrooms.  In order to keep costs down it makes sense to install Early Warning Smoke Detectors (like you find on air... (Read Blog)
  • 24 Jul

    Strategic Business Partner with Vocality

    South Portland, Maine. – June 24, 2015 - Vigilance Software LLC and Vocality Inc.  today announced that they have forged a strategic partnership, allowing  Vocality’s Basics Radio Relay to be used on the Vigilance Emergency Software (ENS).  This gateway connects push-to-talk radios into SIP based Vo... (Read Blog)
  • 23 Jul

    Area Programming Now Available

    ​ South Portland, Maine. – June 5, 2015 – Vigilance Software, the leader in software based emergency notification systems and system integration, today introduced a new layer of programming known as "areas".  "Area" programming allows the button bar to load applicable icons avai... (Read Blog)
  • 21 Jul

    Revision 2.0

    WHAT’S NEW   Cascading Notification Cards Notification cards (appearing on your pc or mac) now cascade on the screen allowing you to view multiple events as they happen rather than having to close them out to view another event.  The notification cards also can be moved around the desktop to your... (Read Blog)
  • 22 Jun

    Security System News Article

    ​We would like to thank Spencer Ives of Security System News for spending some time with us.  It was a pleasure to introduce you to our product and some of the key players.  The article can be viewed at the following link:  ... (Read Blog)
  • 9 Jan

    Dealer Network News - Norris Inc

    Norris Inc. northern New England's leading system integrator has signed on as a Vigilance ENS distributor.  Norris has over 35 years of experience in security, life safety, and communications systems and has chosen to represent our products to customers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.&nb... (Read Blog)