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17 Oct

Affordable Emergency Notification

Last month we explained the differences between various Notification Systems, and shared definitions of commonly used industry terms. What you may, or may not have concluded from that article, is that you already own the majority of the infrastructure required for a great solution.

Many Emergency Notification providers would rather charge you for their services, rather than allowing the use of your existing equipment. The diagram below illustrates how Vigilance Software can deploy a more powerful solution, at a far more affordable price, leveraging existing resources.
Basic System
Vigilance Software can be installed on an existing server. This basic installation provides a means of communication direct to desktop, through email, and text messaging. This simple solution utilizes 100% of your existing network infrastructure, and is most often a sufficient  solution.  Additional features can be added over time to strengthen your communication abilities, or to control other systems automating your response procedures.

SIP Expansion
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) allows Vigilance to communicate directly with other communication systems across existing network infrastructure.
SIP integrations facilitate voice communication to building phones, or to any other phone or connected voice device through a PBX.  

RoIP Expansion
 Radio over IP (RoIP) extends the use of SIP to allow Vigilance to directly communicate with wireless radios. RoIP can be used locally for campus radios, or can be extended onto existing municipal radio networks including, but not limited to, facilities, security, and fire personnel. 

Building Systems Integration
Network I/O Modules allow input and output mapping to be performed through a drop down menu. This provides integration between platforms when an API may not be available. Our modules are POE enabled allowing for quick and easy installation without the need of labor intensive wiring, or electrical installation.  

Software Integration
The Vigilance development team writes software integrations to other platforms through the use of an Advanced Programming Interface (API). This type of integration allows platforms to communicate at a software level, eliminating the need for labor-intensive wiring.