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15 Mar

Emergency Preparedness Consulting

        Is your organization prepared for a workplace violence incident?  While everyone hopes that no life-threatening incident will occur in their office, we must all have procedures that everyone in the workplace will follow in case of emergency.  Like fire alarms and fire drills, many organizations have evacuation plans, accountability procedures, and mandated drills that keep employees ready for a fire response.  If there was an active shooter in the office, are your employees just as prepared as they would be for a fire evacuation?  Since there is a possibility of the incident being over before law enforcement can arrive on scene, all employees must be notified of the incident, ready to act, and have a plan in order to react safely.   
        Vigilance Software has the unique ability to provide insight and consulting on workplace violence, physical security, and threat assessment.  Our staff has both real world experience from prior positions with law enforcement and the military, as well as experience from professional training courses.  Most notably, we have attended training with the ALICE Institute for instruction on Active Shooter response and Enhanced Threat and Risk Assessment with the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA.

        This experience allows Vigilance Software to assist in seamlessly implementing the Vigilance Emergency Notification Software solution into your workplace violence procedures, or assisting in incorporation of best practices into a newly developed response guideline.  Our goal is to provide a comprehensive emergency notification system along with ensuring your organization is prepared to respond.