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19 Sep

The Vigilance Advantage - Top 5

The Vigilance Advantage

        School is back in session, and like most educational facilities you are probably settling back in to some sort of “normalcy”. While we all hope for a safe and uneventful school year, it is inevitable that you will face several challenging events this year.

        As you assemble your safety teams, and emergency preparedness plans, please know that Vigilance Software is here to help. Most Emergency Communication Systems (ECS) solely focus on notification, often limited to email and text messaging. In addition to traditional notifications, Vigilance Software integrates with your existing life safety, security, access control, and communication technologies.We are commonly asked what separate’s Vigilance Software from other available offerings. Our top 5 responses are gathered below. Vigilance Software automates your workplace violence policies and procedures.

 Top 5 Reasons Vigilance Outweighs the Competition

Systems Integration Engine TM 


        Each type of an alert can be configured to perform various assignments. An overview of the media types selected to notify recipients, systems to be controlled, and devices to be activated are easily viewed and configured through the administration console.

                                                                No Need to Login 

        Most platforms require an administrator to login to the software and fill out a survey of questions before notifications can be made. Vigilance Software runs directly on your PC or Mac, and can be initiated at any moment from the simple click of a mouse. 

Desktop Alerting   

        Alerts can be received directly on your device. There is no need to purchase expensive signage or display solutions. Every associated computer on premise receives the visual alert. This feature may also be suppressed in locations where you may not want the alert displayed.

                                                   Cloud Vs. Premise

        Professionals across the Nation are still torn between premise software and cloud solutions. Cloud solutions offer convenience, but can’t offer the reliability of a premise solution. Fortunately, Vigilance Software offers both.

Our Team

        Most importantly, you get us! We are not just another group of software developers. Our backgrounds in communications, life safety systems, military, law enforcement, project management, and consulting, allow us to provide one of the most advanced packages available.