Client Features

esktop Client

With the extensive number of emails and text messages that the average person receives at work continuing to rise, it is no longer practical for employees to review each one as they are received. An email or text message as an emergency alert or notification could easily go unnoticed, a potentially disastrous flaw of many emergency notification software applications on the market today. Vigilance Software recognized this obstacle and developed a configurable software application, or client, that allows real-time information to be sent and received directly on employees’ desktops. We have made this application even more functional by going beyond emergency notification, making Vigilance configurable to solve other non-emergency scenarios, putting the ability to complete tasks, such as locking or unlocking doors or sending out internal memorandums, on users’ desktops as well. By automating all existing emergency and facility policies and procedures, Vigilance ensures that initiating an alert, assistance, and/or response is only a click away.

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Client Bar

A key component of Vigilance Software’s desktop application is the client bar; the movable, customizable desktop user interface that contains all of the alerts and tasks configured by administrators. For each alert type, administrators have the ability to select from a large database of ready-to-use icons, or create their own alert representations, to be placed on the client bar. The number and type of icons that are on a user’s client bar is also customizable, and can be configured so that everyone has particular alerts, such as a threat on the property or facility lockdown, and only select groups or individuals have others, such as an isolated bathroom fire alarm trigger or building falling below a preset temperature. This way, people are only alerted of the policies and procedures directly applicable to them, preventing fatigue from notifications that they do not need to be addressed. (read more)

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Desktop Alerts

As with all components of Vigilance Software, each desktop alert is completely customizable and can be set to be received only by groups or individuals that have been preconfigured within the master distribution list. When an event is triggered, notification cards are displayed on the receiving user’s desktop. The notification card contains the key details of the event including; type of alert reported, name of initiating user, time and date, the building or property site, location within the building, and any additional details that the initiating user was able to provide. As a safeguard, Vigilance is programed to store recent activity so that recipients will still receive any alerts that occured before they were logged in to their computer.

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Client Settings

Vigilance Software recognizes that applications of the software may vary within a business or organization, which is why we developed a desktop client with the ability to adapt to any situation and be configured to meet the specific needs of individual users. For example, if a user’s computer screen is often shared with an audience, it may not be appropriate for all incoming alert information to automatically display on screen. Smaller, generic notifications can instead be displayed, informing the user that they have a message, which they can then view privately. Users also have the ability to configure their desktop client to remember their location, which is especially helpful for those frequently working from the same location(s).