Are You Prepared for a Medical Emergency?

Medical Preparedness

The most important medical procedure is the preparation that goes into it before it is ever utilized. When an emergency happens, every second counts. This is why you need a plan of action in place, today!

Updating Your Emergency Response Plan

Even today, many facilities still do not have an emergency response plan in place, and even for those that do, it is typically outdated.

Then, there is the concern of annual training and testing of the equipment that many facilities do not stay on top of. This may be due to a financial endeavor, an issue of time, high levels of employee turnover or some other reason but it is a major concern.

In the event that your employees receive training on CPR and First Aid, there still remains one major problem… execution. There are a number of cases where employees were trained but failed to act because they were uncertain or simply panicked. This is where annual training comes into place.

Yearly training helps create muscle memory and confidence so that if an emergency plan were ever needed, gross motor skills would take over.

Integrating Technology Into Your Response Plan

Technology plays a critical role in your emergency preparedness plan for medical procedures. Many facilities are adopting an automated approach, where a medical response can be initiated with a click of a button. Within seconds, these emergency notification systems can initiate phone calls, text messages, overhead paging, emails, emergency strobe beacon lights, and much more.

With these types of situations, every second counts. This is why moving to an automated system is crucial. Having the correct parties notified within moments of a situation can help increase response times and the safety of your employees.

One thing worth noting is that these systems do not negate the need for CPR and First Aid training which is why your employees should still be trained. Still, they are an investment that you should consider for the life safety of your employees.

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