Best Temperature, Humidity and Flood Monitoring Sensors

Vigilance Temperature, Humidity and Flood Monitoring

For some businesses, monitoring temperature and humidity levels are optional. This is usually to keep customers, employees or equipment happy. However, for some businesses, it is a requirement. Whether it is to ensure efficiency, quality assurance or to adhere to laws and regulations, some form of monitoring is needed.

More than having a monitoring system in place, some facilities even need to keep records of this data over time, such as pharmaceuticals and other medical facilities. That is why the system that you have in place needs to log this data as well, which is a feature we provide at Vigilance.

Temperature and Humidity

A common place where company assets can become damaged or destroyed due to temperature issues are IT rooms. With these recordings being actively monitored, you can ensure greater up-time and prevent equipment from being ruined.

Other facilities utilizing this service are those that need to ensure that the temperatures do not fall too low in the winter months and cause additional damages, like pipes freezing.

Still, the problem is greater than the safety concerns of the equipment and property. The services that they provide are usually a greater concern. Places like healthcare facilities, warehouses/coolers and factories, that rely on optimum temperature and/or humidity levels to keep crucial operations going, always need to monitor these levels.


In addition to temperature and humidity monitoring, the risk of flooding and chemical leaks is a serious concern. Leaks that are left undetected can lead to thousands of dollars worth of repairs and equipment replacement costs. Also, these leaks are not only dangerous to the physical equipment and property but are also dangerous to anyone in the area.

Our Temperature, Humidity and Flooding Solution

At Vigilance Software, we provide more than temperature, humidity and flood monitoring solutions. We provide our customers with self-contained sensor devices, as well as a robust emergency notification system that can activate alerts and send out notifications automatically based on your alert configuration workflows.

Need an alarm to trip from the IT room, as well as for predefined staff members to receive texts, emails, push notification and phone calls when the temperature gets above 90 degrees? Not a problem, Vigilance provides the capabilities to initiate these multimodal notifications through our full-fledged ENS system. Not only does our suite provide these functionalities, but we also provide graphical representations of logged sensor data and allow for customers to remotely change alert set points.

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