HALO Smart Sensor, Vigilance Software’s Latest Emergency Notification Integration

HALO IOT Smart Sensor

What is the HALO Smart Sensor?

The HALO IOT Smart Sensors are multi-sensor used for real-time vape detection, sound detection, air quality monitoring, and chemical detection. These devices offer 12 unique detection sensors that work in conjunction with each other to learn, analyze and create alerts designed to keep facilities safe.

They have become increasingly popular for use in schools where vape detection, gunshot detection, and bully detection are becoming increasingly important. Many have referred to these innovative devices as being the ears and nose when you can’t use your eyes, as they are often strategically located where video surveillance is not.

Where are these used?

HALO Smart Sensors were originally designed for use within school construction projects. Since then, these sensors have been used at many other types of facilities such as Healthcare, Assisted Living, Hospitality, Commercial, Warehousing, Food Production, Government and Residential.

Common locations in which these are being deployed are bathrooms, locker rooms, classrooms, hallways, basements, prison cells, stairwells, break rooms, storage closets, kitchens, work areas, and common rooms. After learning about the HALO Smart Sensor, it was an obvious integration that we wanted to offer our customers within our Vigilance Software emergency notification system solution.

What they offer

Air Quality Detection

  • Hazardous Chemicals (carbon monoxide/dioxide, ammonia, oxidizers, methane, propane, natural gas, etc.)
  • Temperature and Humidity 
  • Vaping/Smoking

One of the shining features of the HALO Smart Sensor is its ability to detect air quality and accurately determine what exactly is being reported. This is especially useful with the growing vaping crisis that most schools are facing and trying to combat.

Vaping use is on the rise for both nicotine and THC use. Over 6% of the population, that actively vapes, has reported using THC inside of their vaping device. It is worth noting that this number is underrepresented and continues to steadily grow, year after year.

Vaping is difficult to detect in that it can produce odorless vapor. Not only does this make it nearly impossible to detect, but it also is difficult to distinguish between nicotine and THC use. However, the HALO detector can tell the difference between the two!

Within seconds, an emergency alert can be sent to key personnel within the facility, assisting with deeming someone culpable for the act of vaping or smoking.

Audio Abnormalities

Another use of the HALO detector is its ability to detect audio abnormalities. The HALO Smart Sensor detects extreme audio fluctuations, which then will send out an alert based on the sound decibel. These sensors are adjustable, so alerts can be programmed based on different sound decibels.

Some common types of sound that may activate these alerts are; acts of aggression (fights/yelling), glass breakage, gunshots, and explosions. It is obvious that these types of audio abnormalities should warrant an alert to be processed, especially in the case that nobody is at the facility to investigate the source of the noise.

*It should be noted that audio is not recorded with the HALO Smart Sensor, so there is never a concern for an invasion of privacy.

Light/Motion Detection

In addition to sound and smell, the HALO sensor has the ability to “see”. With its built-in ability to detect motion and light, it can accurately detect room occupancy. In some cases, the HALO detector is able to pinpoint an exact location where it detects movement/light, which can aid in an emergency situation, especially where first responders are needed.

A simple use for this would be to detect break-ins moments before, and while, they occur. In a situation like this, an alert could be sent to key personnel to determine if there was an actual threat and whether or not an emergency response was needed.

Our Solution

HALO IOT Smart Sensors can be fully integrated into the Vigilance Software Emergency Notification System, allowing for additional security coverage, especially where no surveillance exists. When a sensor alert is tripped you can have all the flexibility of a full-blown notification system to help your organization respond.

Thanks to automation and system integration, you can control your facility and notify pertinent points of contact. Vigilance provides the capabilities to initiate these multimodal notifications through our Desktop Client, Web Client, and Mobile Application.

The possibilities are endless with the new HALO Smart Sensor integration!

To Learn More about the HALO Detector and how they work, check out our page here!

Vigilance Software is a reseller of the Halo IoT multi-sensor. If you are interested in ordering a vape detector or have a question about the cost or anything else, please feel free to contact us here.

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