Vigilance Software’s Oura Ring Integration

IVIIS™ Integrated Viral Illness Isolation System

A partnership between Oura Ring, Vigilance Software, and Minuteman Security Technologies to help keep companies working.

Oura summarizes your health data into three meaningful scores that help you harness your body’s potential every day.

Advanced technology monitors your temperature, heart, and respiratory rate, delivering a holistic picture of your health.

Vigilance Software queries actionable health alerts from Oura’s secure database. (Illness predictability algorithm).

Health concern notifications are sent to both the employee and employer via an automatic notification system.

Access Control System is informed to not allow employee entry from this infected user.

Employee credential is denied at point of entry, and further actionable protocols are set in motion.

how it works

  • Ongoing Sensor Data Reported

  • Alert Notifications Received

  • Access Control Sytems Automically Adjusted

About Oura Ring (Digital PPE)

  • MSRP $299 (volume discounts available)
  • Multiple personal sizes
  • Available in black, stealth black, &silver
  • 7-day battery life with quick inductive charge
  • Biophysical sensor features include: Sleep & Step Data, Resting Heart, and Respiratory Rate, Body Temp
  • Coming soon: Illness predictability algorithm
  • Extremely light weight and comfortable to wear
  • Bluetooth smartphone app & cloud application
  • Designed & manufactured in Europe

IVIIS – Integrated Viral Illness Isolation System (patent pending)

  • Continuous monitoring of body temperature & other pertinent physiological user data
  • Sensor data from human resilience and recovery functions.
  • Data may include body temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate, and summary.
  • Temperature data taken every 5 seconds from wearable
  • Current wearable technology data collection device partner: Oura Ring
  • Currently in trial & studied by UCSF for COVID-19 virus infection prediction by: San Francisco General Hospital, West Virginia University NRI
  • Illness data stored in the cloud for retrieval by Vigilance Notification
  • Automatic health alert notification to security & health/safety staff
  • Automatic access control denial