Temperature Monitoring System

Not every business needs to have a temperature monitoring systems in place, but for those that do, making the right choice for a temperature monitoring system is important. When things go wrong, you need to make sure all the appropriate people are contacted so they can address whatever issue is causing the problem.

Of course, you may need to monitor humidity or flooding in addition to temperatures. A good system will take care of all of those for you, just like Vigilance Software.

Peace of Mind Through Temperature Monitoring

Temperature monitoring is crucial for giving peace of mind in areas that must maintain a steady temperature range.

Knowing that temperature-sensitive areas have monitoring-systems in place frees you from worry and allows you to focus on other aspects of your organization.

Your Team Has A Lot To Do

If you are like many organizations, you are trying to do more with less. Your team gets spread thin, and as a result, it’s easy to miss things. You can help ease the burden and protect yourself by putting a temperature monitoring system in place.

The temperature monitoring systems job is to sit there and keep an eye out for changes in temperature that move outside the threshold you set. If that happens, the temperature monitoring system will start notifying everyone who needs to know there is an issue so they can respond appropriately.

Nights and Weekends

Do you typically only have people onsite during the day, who check on the temperature-controlled areas? A temperature monitoring system will keep watch, even during those off times.

Vacations and Sick Days

A good monitoring system allows you to have a solid backup plan in place for when the staff, who typically checks and monitors your temperature-controlled areas, is on vacation, is away for a few days, or could be out sick.

School Vacations

Schools, in particular, tend to have extended periods throughout the year where the staff is off due to scheduled breaks. A temperature monitoring system helps you feel secure during those times, knowing that if there is an issue with a walk-in cooler, freezer, or other buildings, you will not lose thousands of dollars worth of inventory or experience costly damage. The staff and administration can are made aware of issues, giving you the time to respond and get things fixed quickly. Don’t come back into a mess that could have been prevented.

Sites For Temperature Monitoring Systems

Temperature detection is vital for preventing loss and early detection for preventative maintenance. Temperature monitoring makes sense in several areas including

  • Boiler rooms
  • Server rooms
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Freezers
  • Remote buildings
  • Schools and campus settings
  • Apartment buildings
  • Property management
  • Commercial Buildings

How A Temperature Monitoring System Works

temperature-monitor-sensorThe first thing required in a temperature monitoring system is a temperature sensor or probe. A temperature sensor measures the current temperature in realtime. Monitoring systems use them to gather the data to watch.

After gathering the temperature data, sending it across the network to a back end that does the actual monitoring is the next step. The back-end monitoring software is where the magic happens, depending on the type of monitoring system you have.

Simple monitoring systems allow you to log in either through a web-based portal or a mobile app to see what the current temperature is, and possibly see a historical log. Other monitoring systems send a simple email or text message in the event the temperature goes beyond the safe range specified.

More advanced monitoring systems, such as Vigilance Software, allows you to to create a complete monitoring and alerting system, with custom alerts and groups of users to contact when the temperature sensors fall out of the safe range.

How The Vigilance Software Temperature Monitoring System Works

ControlByWeb-Temperature-SensorThe Vigilance Software temperature monitoring system is built on top of the marketing leading ControlByWeb sensors and relays. Our tight integration makes it easy to manage and monitor your temperature and humidity sensors so there is no need to worry. In the event, there is a power loss and the internal monitoring system is unable to communicate, our cloud-based notification system will alert you to the fact that communication has been lost so you can investigate.

Install Sensors

For each area you need to monitor, a ControlByWeb sensor will need to be installed. Depending on your organization you may choose to do this internally, or you can hire an outside contractor to help. The sensors come in wired and wireless versions. We recommend the wired solution where possible, but the wireless will work as well.

Add Integration To Vigilance


Our support team will add and register the ControlByWeb units to our system. Once they are installed and powered on, the monitoring sensors will automatically start communicating with the Vigilance Software Platform.

Set the Normal Temperature Range

In the admin console for Vigilance Software, under the Inputs menu, you are able to easily set the low temperature, high temperature, and duration. Save the changes and you are done!

The high and low temperatures represent the normal operating temperature range where the system considers things to be working properly. The duration is how long the temperature must remain outside the normal range before an alert is sent. That way if your temperature is right at the threshold but does not consistently stay above the high temperature, you will not be inundated with alerts from the system.


Create the Alert in the Vigilance Software Admin Site

Creating a new Alert in the Vigilance Software admin site is the starting point for your notifications. In our example, we are creating a “Freezer Temp” alert. Simply create the alert, give it a name. Once your user groups are set up, you can come back into the alert you created and simply assign the group of users to notify, to the alert. You can also add other actions such as desktop notifications.


Setup A Group Of Users To Notify

Vigilance Software controls who receives notifications for the temperature monitor through the User Groups. Simply create a group called Temperature Alert Group, or anything else you would like to name it, and then add the specific users you want to receive alerts when there is an issue. In a traditional monitoring system, when an alert goes off, the monitoring company would start calling down a list of people until they reached someone. After the first person is reached, they stop. One of the benefits of a system like Vigilance Software is that the system will notify everyone included as part of the group. You can easily add and remove users to the group, making it simple to cover vacations or days off.


Decide How To Notify People of An Issue

Vigilance Software is a very flexible system, allowing you multiple options for sending and receiving notifications when a temperature sensor is out of the normal range. We refer to these as actions. Sending email, text, mobile push notifications, and Robo-dialing users are notification actions. Sending a desktop notification to the users in the group is also an action. If you are using Vigilance Software for more than just temperature monitoring, you can integrate into additional systems as well.

Rest Easy, You’re Protected

Now for the easy part, know your monitoring system is doing the job you hired it for and rest easy. If there is a problem, the right people will be contacted at the right time.

View History and Graphs

Through the Vigilance Software admin page, you can view historical temperature data, including a 14 day daily high/low and a 48-hour graph of the values logged.

14 Day High Low Graph


48 Hour Graph