The Dangers Of Vaping: How Your School Can Prevent It

First Confirmed Vaping Death

On August 23, 2019, the first death directly linked to vaping was confirmed. Since then, there have been at least 6 additional confirmed deaths linked to vaping, all of which are due to lung disease.

While that number continues to grow at an alarming rate, reports actually indicate that the number is much higher. More than 450 reported deaths and illnesses are probable and/or confirmed cases linked to vaping.

What is even more alarming is that the number of teens that reported vaping continues to grow exponentially.

In The News

With the growing media coverage of vaping, there has been an increase in the number of people addressing and responding to the issue.

On Wednesday, the Trump administration announced it will push for a ban on all flavored e-cigarettes, including mint and menthol flavors. Trump even publicly addressed the growing threat of vaping and warned parents of the dangers that their children face from using these devices.

Even stations like CNN have decided to no longer run ads for Juul or any e-cigarettes brand following the recent reports of serious illness and deaths linked to these devices.

While the CEO of Juul has voiced his concern over the recent increase in illnesses related to vaping, he will not take any action until they are certain.

Increase In Vaping Deaths And Illness

Check out the PBS News Hour as they review the recent surge in vaping related deaths and illnesses.

How To Fight Vaping

Last month we wrote a story on our recent integration of the HALO Smart Sensor here! The HALO Smart Sensor is a multi-sensor used for real-time vape detection, sound detection, air quality monitoring, and chemical detection. These devices offer 12 unique detection sensors that work in conjunction with each other to learn, analyze and create alerts designed to keep facilities safe.

What is great about the HALO Smart Sensor is that it can be fully integrated into the Vigilance Software Emergency Notification System, allowing for additional security coverage where no surveillance exists. When a sensor alert is tripped you can have all the flexibility of a full-blown notification system to help your organization respond. Schools, in particular, are realizing the added benefit of integrating their emergency notification system and their vape detectors. Combining the two makes it easier to manage the Halo vape detector, and gives the school administrators and resource officers immediate notifications when the sensors detect vape or THC.

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