Vape Detector For Schools To Combat Vaping

high-school-student-vapingStudents vaping in school can be a very frustrating issue to deal with. According to the National Education Association, there are more than 3 million students vaping. It is become more commonplace to walk into the student bathrooms in many high schools and even junior high schools and get hit with the smell of blueberry flavoring or other fruit medleys smells from eCigarettes.

Many schools have had scientists, doctors, or other health professions come and speak on the health dangers of vaping but oftentimes it falls on deaf ears. Federal officials actually call it an epidemic of youth use, which can make you feel like you are losing the battle. Vaping has become so popular among the youth, that it has overtaken the use of tobacco products. Unfortunately, products like JUUL are easy to hide. Vaping devices can easily fit into a pocket and can look like a flash drive or USB drive. A JUUL cartridge had nicotine levels that equate to roughly 20 cigarettes.


Purchasing Halo Vape Detector For Schools

Vape detectors have become increasingly popular for combating vaping in schools. You can learn more about vape detectors in general by clicking here. To learn more about the Halo Vape Detectors by IPVideo Corp, specifically, click here

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    HALO Vape Detector For Schools

    Estimate Vaping Usage By Students

    According to the National Institue on Drug abuse here is the estimated vaping usage for 8th graders, 10th Graders and 12th Graders

    8th Graders

    Any vaping: 6.6%

    Vaping Nicotine: 3.5%

    Vaping Marijuana: 1.6%

    Vaping “Just Flavoring”: 5.3%

    10th Graders

    Any vaping: 13.1%

    Vaping Nicotine: 8.2%

    Vaping Marijuana: 4.3%

    Vaping “Just Flavoring”: 9.2%

    12th Graders

    Any vaping: 16.6%

    Vaping Nicotine: 11.0%

    Vaping Marijuana: 4.9%

    Vaping “Just Flavoring”: 9.7%

    Vape Detectors For Schools

    This model of the Halo IoT MultiSensor, by IPVideo Corp, is an award-winning vape detector commonly used by schools to help combat vaping.

    halo vape detector

    The Benefit Of Vape Detectors In Schools

    student-studyingOne of the challenges with students vaping in schools is that they often do it in the restrooms or lockerroom. Spaces such as the school bathrooms require privacy and it is not appropriate to install traditional security or monitoring systems such as video cameras. While this privacy is required, schools cannot just standby and allow vaping to take place. Not only is it not healthy for those vaping, but also for other students who are forced to use the restrooms while other students are vaping.

    It creates a bad culture and standard. Many students become hesitant to use the restrooms because of the vaping issues, which makes for a bad learning environment, which as educators you don’t want.

    How The Vape Detectors Work In Schools

    Once the vape detectors are installed, the alerting and notifications need to be set up and configured on each device. Halo vape detectors have integration with Vigilance Software to provide ease of management for your alerting groups.

    Vigilance Halo Vape Detector Integration Benefits

    halo vigilance integration

    There are several benefits to including a Vigilance Software notifications subscription to your vape detector

    • Vape detectors without Vigilance software have to be configured individually for alerts and notification. If you have 10 vape detectors without Vigilance, that means you have to log into each device separately and put in each email and cell phone for each person and then repeat that 10 times. Every time you need to make a change, you need to change it 10 times, in 10 different places.
    • If you want different people alerted based on the location of the vape detector, you need to independently manage this list and configure each individual device for it. Vigilance will give you one centralized area where you can set up different groups based on location, and then add the specific people to the group.
    • Create alerts specific to locations and simply add your group to the alert
    • Vigilance monitors the network health of the vape detectors and will notify you if they are offline or not working
    • Users can update their own email address and cell phone numbers if they change
    • More ways to be notified! SMS text, email, desktop alert, mobile app push notification
    • Cost-effective at only $60 per year (based on annual subscription)

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    HALO Vape Detector For Schools


    How Do Schools Install Halo Vape Detectors

    • Vape detectors are typically installed in the ceilings, preferably in the center of the room.
    • Vape detectors must be connected to a network in order to work.
    • They have a standard ethernet port for a network cable.
    • Vape detectors are powered using PoE or power over ethernet. Typically your network switch powers the device through the network cable.
    • If you do not have a PoE switch you must use a PoE injector.

    Have Questions About Vape Detectors

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    School Testimonials for Halo Vape Detectors

    “My biggest shock as an educator is that we have elementary school kids vaping. HALO detects the chemical compounds in the air and sends the notification to our administrators. We tested in our High School last year and so far, so good. The devices are tamper resistant and do set off an alarm. We want to send the message that vaping is a serious problem here.”

    -Randy Wright, Chief of Administrative Services, Olentagy School District

    “It’s a way for us to regulate areas where we can’t regulate with security cameras. It will notify whoever we have setup as an administrator in the system. So that can be through email, it can be through cell phone, it can be through a text, or through different means.”

    -Kurt Stephens, Assistant Superintendent, Lufkin Independent School District

    “Myself, our assistant principal, and school resource officer all received a text alert simultaneously around 10:00am the first morning that the detectors were in effect. A quick search revealed that the user already left the restroom but were able to easily use the timestamp on our alert to check our camera system and identify the student who left. We called him in to question him and he admitted to his use of a vape device and we were able to quickly confiscate the device. While dealing with this student, a second alert went to our phones. This time it was a detection of THC content. Again, we were able to successfully identify the student and deal with the issue. On day one, we had four alarms and confiscated five vaping devices and one “pen” used for vaping THC content. We have not had another incident in that restroom since.”

    -Jeff Wesley, Principal, Somerset High School

    “I can say this very simply, the HALO sensors have completely eliminated vaping in the restrooms and locker room area’s at our school. They have been better than advertised! When you add in the tampering alarm and the bully component, it has been a great asset to our staff and school. The ease in installation and programming, along with the success we have experienced make them worth every penny!”

    -Mark Ruark, Principal, Saxony Lutheran High School

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